10 Things to Do Before You Travel


I’ve been traveling 10+ years now and it has given me plenty of trial and error experience on how I can minimize my ‘Before You Travel must do’s’… including the things I do to stay organized before a trip.

With my October NYC Trip and December Disney Vacation coming up the list making is under way at my work station,  and I thought to myself…what better time than now to put together a top 10 List of all the


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Things to Do Before You Travel:

#10.) Make Lists

I’m a list maker…what can I say?

I absolutely love to make lists!!!(If you’ve read my other travel posts you already know this is true)

These 3 separate lists help me stay organized before travel and are now a traveling ritual in all my trip planning.

– Packing List: I always use the Knock-Knock Pack List. It works great and covers everything you would need for any type of trip.

– Needs Before Trip List: Snacks, toothpaste, anything you might not have in stock that would need to be picked up before leaving.

– Pre-Travel CheckList: Psst…this is the Pre-Travel Checklist! (printable copy at the bottom of page)


#9.) Ask a family member or friend to look out for your residence while you’re away…including mail pick up.

Peace of mind is a lovely thing.

Also set up a sitter for any pets you may have if need be.


#8.) Notify your Bank/Credit Card Company with your travel dates and set up bill pay for any bills that need to be paid.


#7.) Plan a Daily Itinerary for your trip.  

I’m all for spontaneity but I also like to have a daily game plan…

a neighborhood I’d like to explore, a concert that’s in town, or a restaurant I’d like to try.

Where my day goes from there….well there’s no telling!


#6.) Grooming

Haircut, eyebrows, nails anything you want to do to prepare yourself and your mindset before your trip.

Remember you’ll be in a lot of pics while you travel.


#5.) Print Daily Itineraries.

Accommodation and Transportation Confirmations, Restaurant Reservations, tickets, copies of I.D. & passport (if need be) and anything else you may need printed for the duration of your trip. 


#4.) Plan Outfits and Do Laundry.

The week before you travel look up the weather and start gathering outfits to wash and pack.


#3.) Start Packing 3+ days ahead.

I typically start gathering items like toiletries, and medications a few weeks prior to my departure date. I like to pack a little early to insure I am not rushing right before I head out on a trip/vacation.


#2.) House Maintenance:

  • clean
  • unplug appliances
  • cut off lights
  • adjust thermostat
  • cut grass
  • clean out fridge
  • take out trash
  • do any household maintenance you don’t want to worry about once you return.


#1.) Double check your Pack List before leaving. 

This is the very last thing I do before leaving for a trip….other than locking up….don’t forget to lock up!!


Enjoy Your Journey!!!

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  1. Dmitry @ TravelTechGadgets

    That is a good list. We like lists as well. These gets you going and ensure that you did and have all that you need for the trip.

    02 . Sep . 2016
    • vivaciousviewsblog@yahoo.com

      Absolutely!! Thank you!!

      02 . Sep . 2016

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