2017 Travel Plans and Goals for Vivacious Views


2016 finished off exactly how it started….with me traveling!!!

It was an amazing year full of travel, adventures, scenery, new friends, and connecting with old ones!

I feel very blessed to have started Vivacious Views this past year, and it has exceeded my expectations with followers and fellow travelers showing their support!

2017 is looking to be an amazing adventure and I look forward to sharing all of my travel fun and woes with you guys!!!

All travel is subject to change, and most likely will! If changes occur I will do a strike-through and update this post as needed throughout this year. As of the date this was published most of these trips are booked, or are currently in the process of being booked! Eeeekkk!😁

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. It is at no additional cost to you and I cross my heart I only recommend products/deals that will help you get the most out of your travel experience.

2017 Travel Plans 


I started the New Year off in New Orleans and it was absolutely stunning! 

My 5 Things You Must Do in New Orleans , Bar Hopping in New Orleans, and Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New Orleans articles will be posting over the next week or two so be on the look out for those!!  They’ve posted! Check out my New Orleans page by Clicking Here!

We also hit up Destin, Florida for a couple of days on our road-trip back home! I really needed some sun and sandy beaches… it is freezing in SC right now!


I just booked a trip(2/27) to Myrtle Beach for a 3 day weekend in April.

We will be driving down and staying at Hotel Blue Resort. This trip is sponsored and I will be doing a full hotel review. >>> Click Here for the full review!

I also plan on doing a little bar hopping/restaurant research while I’m there, as well as enjoying a little fun in the sun!! 


Also for my 30th birthday I will be going on a Cruise to the BahamasA couple of friends and I will be cruising for 4 nights/ 5 days aboard the Carnival Liberty. We booked the trip directly through Carnival.com since it was the cheapest rates I could find online…$99 down and remaining balance due March 8th. The Cruise was canceled for 2017 due to scheduling conflicts. It’s super hard to plan travel with several people…but I’m still looking a dates for a cruise in the near future. Stay tuned.

To replace the switch up of my birthday cruise I am going back to Disney World!! I’m super stoked to announce that my mom and I have booked a week-long vacation celebrating both of our birthdays (yes I know I have a Disney addiction…and no I do not seek a cure).

I’m turning 30, and mom is turning 50, so it’s a big celebration!! Plus the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is going on…and I just love Spring at Disney!! We will be staying at the All-Star Movies Resort and going to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.


August 21st, 2017 is the first Total Solar Eclipse to cross over America since 1918… and I am not going to miss it!

Eclipse August 2017. Travel Plans. Vivacious Views
The Path of the Total Solar Eclipse as it Crosses America. Image Credit: www.eclipse2017.org


Charleston, SC? Gatlinburg, TN? Denver, CO? I’m not sure on that one, it’s still in the works, but you better believe I will be somewhere for this amazing view.


I have a sponsored trip to New York City planned for mid-September. Two different companies will be sponsoring my travel.

I recently became a Brand Ambassador for Go City Card. They will be sponsoring Vivacious Views with a 3-Choice New York City Explorer Pass, which will include free admission to any 3 of the attractions of my choice from a list of 57 different attractions. 

Final negotiations are in the works now for my hotel stay….I will update this as needed.


I’m heading back to Orlando for Halloween week. This trip has been in the works since we attended the Very Merry Christmas Party in December.

It’s been 10 years exactly since I attended the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so I’m stoked to see all the new additions!!

We will be staying at a Disney Resort (I haven’t decided which one for this trip) and park hopping all 4 parks at Disney World.

We’ve also decided to go to Universal Studios this time. It’s also been 10 years since I’ve been to Universal Studios…I know a lot has changed, and I can’t wait to write about it!!


I am planning a solo trip back to New York City to enjoy the many Christmas festivities the city has to offer. I had so much fun when I went in December of 2015 that I really hope I can pull this one-off! Fingers crossed! Moved up to September due to a sponsorship opportunity!! 

Due to the NYC changes, December is completely up in the air. I always enjoy traveling at Christmastime so I’m sure I will come up with something adventurous and magical!! 

This year I also plan on refurbishing an RV so that I can road trip the US in 2018. I will be posting pictures and articles on the progress of my new RV Travel Project throughout this year!!

2017 is looking bright and I can’t wait to share all the excitement with you!!


  1. Jessica Schneider

    Sounds like you’ll be having an eventful 2017! I, too, am hoping to get out on some adventures this year. I look forward to reading all about your trips this year!

    24 . Jan . 2017
    • vivaciousviewsblog@yahoo.com

      That sounds great!!! Thanks so much!!!
      I subscribed to your blog and followed your social networks!! Can’t wait to see the amazingly fun journeys you will be going on this year!!!☺️

      24 . Jan . 2017

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