10 Must-Have Flight Essentials


I love getting ready to “take off” on a new adventure!!(pun intended)

I enjoy all modes of transportation while traveling…each has its own pros and cons of course…but I prefer to fly.

The funny flight attendants, in-flight drinks, meeting new people along the way…it’s all part of the experience for me.

Another thing I love is making lists. I do. I’m forgetful.

If I don’t make a list I forget it…and when I’m traveling this is no different.

Over the past few years of traveling solo and/or with friends and family I’ve made extensive lists for flying essentials and have narrowed it down(remember I am a minimalist traveler)to just the essentials.

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Must-Have Flight Essentials:

  1. Boarding Pass- This should be a duh!…but I still write it down and √ it off!
  2. Medicine- Keep it simple:
  3. Water Bottle- I bring an empty Brita 20 Ounce Sports Water Bottle through security and fill it once I’ve found my gate# and waiting area.
  4. Gum- I bring this mostly for take off and landing to help my ears pop…but it also comes in handy when feeling nauseous.
  5. Headphones & iPhone- With my In-Flight playlist ready to go!
  6. Snacks- Pretzels mixed with M&Ms are my go-to travel snack.
  7. ChapStick- Hydration Lock by ChapStick© (Vanilla Creme)
  8. Eye Mask & Pillow- Inflatable Neck Pillow for easy adjustment.
  9. Hand Sanitizer- Bath and Body Works baby! 5 for $5…Um Yes!!
  10. Comfy Outfit- The ultimate must:
    • Easy to remove Shoes- The Skechers Go Walk slip-on walking shoes are my go-to travel shoe. I take them everywhere.
    • Sunglasses
    • Scarf/Light Jacket

What are your must-have flight essentials??

Leave a comment below!!!

Enjoy Your Journey!!!


  1. Danish Akhtar

    Such a informative post really these essential are so important. Thanks for sharing.

    19 . Jul . 2016
    • vivaciousviewsblog@yahoo.com

      Thank you for reading and connecting!!

      19 . Jul . 2016

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