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The Ultimate Guide to Disney Park Gear

Getting ready to head to a Disney Park soon? Need to know what Disney Park Gear is a must?

You’ve come to the right place!!

From Mickey Ears to the most comfortable park shoes, everything you need to wear to make the most out of your magical day at the park is right here!!!

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Let’s get started with the Ultimate Guide to Disney Park Gear!

Mickey Ears or Hat

Most trips to Disney World I buy a new pair of Mickey Ears, but this last visit in April I went a different route and bought a white hat that had a small pink Mickey silhouette.

I knew I could get use of the hat all year long…and so far I have!!!

Disney Lanyard

I’ve had the pink Disney lanyard in the feature image above since 2007!!

It goes with pretty much all the Disney outfits I wear, and it’s washable.

I purchased a resealable card holder in 2009 that clips to the bottom of the lanyard and I love it.

It’s just big enough to hold my I.D. and the $20 cash I like to carry in case I want to make a small purchase.

I buy a new Disney Trading Pin(or 2!) every trip as well.

The newest pin is the Mickey&Minnie 4 parks spinner pin. It symbolized how we park hopped all 4 parks(in one day at one point) and rocked that trip out!!!

Magic Bands

I cannot stress enough how much I love and appreciate the Disney magic bands.

It’s everything you need on one water proof band: your park tickets, your room key(if staying on Disney Property), your credit card info for purchases and much more!

If you’re staying on Disney property the magic bands are complimentary, and if you’re not staying on property the magic bands start at $12.99 and go up depending on the style you want.

There are 8 solid colors to choose from: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, grey and violet.

Want the inside scoop on Magic Bands? Click Here.

Disney Clothing

Weather it’s a tank top, tee-shirt, hoodie, scarf, or shorts a Disney themed clothing item of some kind is a must!

In April I had an Ariel Tee, a Minnie and Mickey Tee, and a Star Wars Tee(pictured above) that I interchanged the 3 days we park hopped.

I like being Disney themed at the parks, and I’ve just recently come across the new style they call Disney Bound where you use regular clothing colors to match Disney characters. I already have a Snow White themed outfit ready for our next trip!!! #imadisneydork

Celebration Buttons

Our last trip my mom and I celebrated our birthdays together so we wore Happy Birthday buttons during our visit.

It amazed me how many different cast members acknowledged us and wished us a happy birthday!

We even received free desserts at a couple of restaurants…BONUS!!!

The best thing though was during the Festival of Fantasy Parade Merida(from Brave) saw my button and wished me a Happy Birthday from her float. Talk about shrieking like a little kid!! Totally made my day!!

These celebration buttons are just an added touch of magic.

1st visit? Get a button.

Wedding Anniversary? Get a button.

It’s your Birthday? Get a button. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned about Disney vacations it’s that Disney thinks of everything!!!

Comfy Walking Shoes

According to knowwdw.com the total walking distance of all 4 Disney Parks put together is 8.51 miles! Wow!!

That’s a lot of walking…not to mention throwing in water parks, Disney Springs, Disney’s Boardwalk, Putt-Putt and any other activities you may do while at the Walt Disney World Resort.

If you don’t invest in anything for your trip…invest in good shoes.

I purchased the Sketchers GoWalks approximately two months before our trip…wore them a good bit to break them in beforehand…

and they were amazing in the parks!!! I never had a problem with my feet hurting one time and we park hopped all 4 parks!!! I absolutely love them and they are now my go-to-park-shoe!!! 


Florida is the sunshine state for a reason. 

You’ll definitely need some awesome shades to rock at the park.

 Park Bag 

This will hold all the little things you’re gonna need throughout your day at the park.

My go-to Disney Park Bag is the JanSport Cross-body Sling Bag but I’ currently looking at the new Disney inspired Vans Backpack.

Bonus Tip:

On my Disney Disney December 2016 Trip I did a scavenger hunt at Disney Springs for a Holiday Stitch Button!!!

From now on I will always ask cast members if there are any promos like that going on!! Everyone asked us where we got our cool Stitch button!!! 


Which Disney Park Gear is your go-to?? Leave a comment below!!!

Have a Magical Day!!!

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