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Train Travel Checklist (with Free Printable)

The first time I rode the train I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Even the hours online searching for in-depth articles fell short of what I needed to know.

I came up with the Train Travel Checklist to accompany my Amtrak Train Travel for First Timers article. 

I thoroughly enjoy riding the train and with this train travel checklist, you’ll be fully prepared for an enjoyable, and stress-free ride.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. It is no additional cost to you and I cross my heart I only recommend products & deals that will help you get the most out of your travel experience.

 Train Travel Checklist:

Water Bottle

The 20 Ounce Brita Water Bottle (mine’s lime green) that has a built-in filter is perfect for travel. That way you don’t have to spend the $3 for a bottled water on the train…and you definitely want a filtered bottle when traveling and using different water fountains. 

Buy it Here: Amazon


I prefer to take my own snacks on the train….the snack cart can get a little pricey for a budget traveler like myself. My go-to is a Ziploc bag of pretzels and M&Ms, or trail mix of some sort. 


I’ve made an “On the Train” playlist I listen to on Spotify.

I usually put in my Earbuds, lay back, and enjoy the scenery while on the way to and from my destination.

Buy it Here: Amazon

Travel Blanket

It can get chilly at night on the train, being a minimalist packer I decided to purchase something that would fold up easily and not take up much space in my carry-on.

This Pashmina Scarf/Shawl Combo is lightweight and perfect for travel. It comes in 10+ colors to choose from, but I purchased black since I mostly use it when I ride the train or fly.

Buy it Here: Amazon

Ear Plugs

You don’t know how great is to be able to pop in some Earplugs when you’re sound asleep and the guy sitting two rows back from you starts snoring up a storm. I’ve been through it, which led me to purchase this set a couple of years ago. They are a life-saver. Trust me.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

The micro-beaded neck pillows take up too much space and really aren’t that comfortable.

I use an Inflatable Neck Pillow so I can deflate, fold, and put away it before arriving at my destination.

Very convenient. 

Buy it Here: Amazon

Sleep Mask

As beautiful as a sunrise is on the train I like to sleep as much as possible…a Sleep Mask is a perfect way to block out that morning sun and sleep in. I have this one and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty,  which I love.

Buy it Here: Amazon


If you’ve read my other travel essentials posts then you know I’m in love with the Hydration Lock Chapstick in Vanilla Creme.

It really lasts 8+ hours and the tube itself lasts me months while traveling. 

Hand Sanitizer

The number of handrails, luggage racks, door knobs, etc…that you will touch while traveling is astonishing. Do not travel without Hand Sanitizer. When I travel I usually have several with me. Bath&Body Works typically runs a 5 for $5 special on their hand sanitizer….and yes there are some delicious smelling ones for men too!!


Gum definitely comes in handy when needing your ears to pop, feeling nauseous, or in my case, I use it when anxiety hits on my travels. 

Toiletry Bag

It’s always a good idea to keep your toiletry bag handy with a hairbrush, toothbrush, eye drops, makeup, and anything else you may need while in transit. I was given this Gear Nomad Toiletry Bag as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it! It folds down almost flat and takes up less than half the space of my old bag. It also has a handy hook to hang your bag while in use.

Buy it Here: Amazon

First Aid Kit

It’s good to keep a First Aid Kit in your carry-on with band-aids, and assorted medicine you may need while traveling such as Tylenol, Dramamine(motion sickness relief), Pepto Bismol, and any prescriptions you may need to take.

Travel Journal and Pen

You may want to document things throughout your travels that you may forget once at home.

I always keep a Travel Journal of my adventures. It’s great to look back and see where you’ve been…and where you’re going!

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Train Travel Checklist

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