The 411 on Disney’s Magic Shots


Disney’s Magic Shots are an extra magical touch to your Disney Vacations, and I absolutely adore them!

All you have to do is locate a PhotoPass Photographer and ask for a “Magic Shot”. The photographer will then have you pose a certain way, and later Disney fairies add in an awesome Disney character(s) and/or props into your photo.

Talk about Disney magic!

I try to ask for these at as many PhotoPass locations as I can.

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The 411 on Disney’s Magic Shots:

What is a Magic Shot?

Magic Shots are photos taken of you, and/or your group, on Disney World Resort Property by a Disney PhotoPass Photographer. Later Disney cast members add in a Disney character, prop or some other form of Disney Magic to your photo.

Magic Shots are also included in the purchase of your Memory Maker Package

Your Memory Maker Package must have been active at the time Magic Shots are taken in order for them to be added to your account.

How to Ask for a Magic Shot?

All you have to do is locate a PhotoPass Photographer and ask for a Magic Shot. Yes, it’s that simple. The photographer will then have you pose a certain way, and later Disney fairies add in amazing Disney.

The PhotoPass Photographers are usually very easy to spot. Most are wearing a khaki vest with a patch that says PhotoPass Photographer. 

The PhotoPass Locations can be found in each Disney Park Guide Map… look in the Map Legend for the symbol of a camera on a tripod.

Purchasing Magic Shot Photos:

You can purchase Disney’s Memory Maker Package, which I highly recommend, before your trip for $169.99 or after your trip for $199.99. This includes all pictures taken during the entirety of your trip. **Prices Updated June 7th, 2017. 

If you didn’t want to purchase the Memory Maker Package, you also have the option after your trip to purchase a full day of pictures for $49.99 or an individual picture for $15.99. **All Prices subject to change.


Magic Shots You Can Find at Disney World:

Disney's Magic Shots
Epcot Future World
Disney's Magic Shots
Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival– Future World

Disney's Magic Shots

Simba, Timon, and Pumba- Animal Kingdom Bridge Between Oasis and Discovery Island

Disney's Magic Shots
Pascal from Tangled- Animal Kingdoms Entrance
Disney's Magic Shots
Hollywood Studios
Disney's Magic Shots
Hollywood Studios
Disney's Magic Shots
Haunted Mansion -Magic Kingdom
Disney's Magic Shots
Magic Kingdom between Main Street and Tomorrowland
Disney's Magic Shots
Holiday Tinker Bell- Magic Kingdom- Main Street USA- Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Disney's Magic Shots. Be Our Guest. Magic Kingdom. Vivacious Views
Beast’s Castle- Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Disney's Magic Shots
“Punch it Chewie!!” Meeting Chewbacca at Hollywood Studios was the highlight of my 2017 Halloween Trip!!
Disney's Magic Shots
Evil Queens Poison Apple at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


These are just a few of the amazing Magic Shots that were included in some of our Memory Maker Packages.

I get excited every time we see a Disney PhotoPass Photographer, and have a great time posing for pictures, I hope you do too!!

Enjoy Your Magical Adventure!!

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**All pictures included in this post were taken by ©Disney PhotoPass Photographers**
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