Pandora’s Pongu Pongu at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Pandora’s Pongu Pongu, meaning Party Party in Na’vi, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a Quick Service style stand that serves Frozen Drinks, Beer, and Snacks.

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views.

Amplified Mobility Platform (AMP) Suit at Pongu Pongu in Disney’s Pandora

During the day Pongu Pongu looks like a typical Quick Service Stand, but at night Pandora is lit with “bio-luminescent” lights and is much cooler in my opinion.

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Quick Service Counter
Pongu Pongu in Pandora Quick Service Counter

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Quick Service

Pongu Pongu in Pandora

The walk-up window was lined with unique Avatar figurines, souvenir mugs, crystals and selenite towers…which I thought was really cool!!

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Pandora’s Pongu Pongu at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Frozen Drinks

The main reason to go to this Quick Service stand is a frozen concoction called the Night Blossom.

This drink has quickly become a park favorite, and whether you choose alcoholic (which I did) or non-alcoholic it is a tart and tasty delight.

The frozen mixture is limeade with apple and desert pear and is topped with boba balls.

Now, these boba balls are what really sets it off!

They are filled with passion fruit flavored juice and are absolutely delicious!!

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Night Blossom Boba Balls
Night Blossom Boba Balls from Pongu Pongu

If there is a drink being served at Disney World resort that has boba balls, I’m buying it!!

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Night Blossom.
Pongu Pongu Night Blossom


Did You Know?? At the Animal Kingdom, there are zero plastic straws.

Disney uses biodegradable straws for the safety of the animals at the park. The Animal Kingdom is a part of the Wildlife Conservation and with some of these animals going extent in the wild, Disney takes their care of these animals very seriously.


You can get your non-alcoholic version of the Night Blossom for $5.99 or a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit.

For $3 more you can add the Glowing Unadelta Seed to your drink, which is really cool!! You can get the souvenir cup, pictured below, with the Unadelta Seed for $14.99.

The “Rum Blossom”, a Night Blossom with alcohol, is $10.25.

You can add the Glowing Unadelta Seed for $13.25 and add the souvenir cup for a total of $19.25. Disney uses Bacardi Superior Rum in the Night Blossom with alcohol and it was yummy.

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Souvenir Cup.
Pongu Pongu Souvenir Cup with Glowing Unadelta Seeds

Definitely not worth it…the cup is very plain and had nothing Pandora related to it…bummer.

If you’re looking for a Pandora themed souvenir cup or mug head over to Windtraders, this store is full of Pandora and Avatar merchandise!!

The other frozen alcoholic beverage served at Pongu Pongu is Mo’ara Margarita.

This concoction is Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila with frozen Strawberry and Blood Orange flavors topped with Strawberry Boba Balls.

Mo’ara Margarita is $8.25, add the Glowing Unadelta Seed for $12.25 and combo the souvenir cup for a total of $18.25.

We didn’t try this one on the last trip but I’ve got it on the list for our upcoming April 2018 trip!

There is a notation at the bottom of the Pongu Pongu menu that states there are only 2 alcoholic drinks max per person at this stand….although if you buy, leave, and come back an hour later how do they know?? If you have an answer let me know in the comments below!

Draft Beers

Pongu Pongu serves 2 different styles of draft beer.

The Mo’ara High Country Ale Draft is red in color and described as an Amber Ale Beer with a Spicy Hop Aroma and notes of toffee, caramel, and nuts.

The Hawkes Grog Ale is green in color and described as a Fruity Hop with notes of Apricot and Peach. Green in color.

Both Draft Beer selections are served by 16oz, $8.25, or 22oz, $9.50, pour. You can also add the Glowing Unadelta Seed for $3 more, and add the souvenir cup for a total of $18.50.

Pongu Pongu. Vivacious Views. Menu


When we went in October the only snack being served at Pongu Pongu was the Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Roll called the Pongu Lumpia for $2.99, it appears the price has increased since then to $3.99.

2 new snacks added to this Quick Service Stand are the Viper Claw for $3.99 and the Colossal Pretzel with Cheese Cup for $10.49. I’ve had a Mickey Pretzel from the Animal Kingdom but I’m going to have to check out this “Colossal Pretzel”!! We’ll see how colossal it actually is!!

The Colossal Pretzel is not a Disney Dining snack credit, however, the Pongu Lumpia and the Viper Claw are.

Always look for the DDP Dining Plan symbol on the menu…this means it counts as a snack credit.

For more on the 2018 Disney Dining Plans Click Here.

Pongu Pongu also carries Bottles Dasani Water for $3.00 or a Disney Dining Snack Credit.


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