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Disney Springs Dining Edition: Smokehouse at House of Blues

The Smokehouse at House of Blues is one of my absolute favorite little Quick-Service stands in Disney Springs.

The turkey legs and cheap, cold beer have brought me back time and time again over the years!!

I love all the unique little eatery stands inside Disney Springs and I’m tackling the tastiness one-by-one on each of my trips!

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The Smokehouse was actually the very first place we ate at way back in 2016 after the revamp from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs and for us, it was quick and smelled ridiculously good. 

We had flown in that day and arrived at Disney Springs starving, like a cartoon mouse to cheese, we were guided by the smell of bbq to the Smokehouse.


Our first meal was a Half Rack of Ribs that my mom and I were able to split.

Smokehouse. Ribs. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views

It came with Chips and Baked Beans at the time, but now it just comes with coleslaw.

They will let you exchange the coleslaw for another side if you’re not a slaw person.

The next time we went to Smokehouse we tried the Turkey Leg…mind blown!!

It was delicious!!

Smokehouse. Turkey Leg. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views

One of the best Turkey Legs I’ve had at Disney World

the best being at Yak and Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

People will give the Turkey Legs a hard time but they are definitely one of my favorite things to eat on a Disney Trip!!

Smokehouse. Turkey Leg Fun. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views
I’d fight you over my turkey leg!!! ?? ©

We have made a point to stop by the Smokehouse as we leave Orlando to take a Turkey Leg home!

Smokehouse Happy Hour

We had arrived just in time for Happy Hour and this was how we found out about the cheapest, coldest beer at Disney Springs!

During Happy Hour the Budlight and Michelob Ultra are super cheap!

Even during regular hours they’re only $6 which is a lot cheaper than most places selling beer in Disney Springs.

On our Memorial Day trip to Disney World, we stopped by the Smokehouse just for Happy Hour and the live music.

Good Vibes and Good Music

The outdoor sitting area at the Smokehouse has a relaxing vibe to it.

Smokehouse. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views
Outdoor Sitting Area at Smokehouse ©

We enjoy sitting, drinking cold beer, and listening to the front porch live music playing. 

Smokehouse. Outside. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views

Watch out for the Disney wildlife though!!

They love Smokehouse food as much as I do!!

Smokehouse. Squirrel. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views
It’s a Disney Squirrel!! ©

Other Smokehouse Offerings:

There are several other delicious offerings on the Smokehouse menu as well such as…

  • Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken Sandwich
  • Smokehouse Nachos p.s. you can add Pulled Pork, Chicken, or Brisket. 
  • Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich

Assorted Fountain Beverages are available as well as the Beer and Wine selection.

Kids Meals include an All Beef Hotdog and a Mini Pulled Pork Slider. 

Also, be sure to stop by the Gear Shop at House of Blues!!

There’s a great photo opt with the Blues Brothers…

Smokehouse. Blues Bros. Disney Springs. Vivacious Views

and amazing home decor, collectibles, and hot sauces to take back home!!

What do you guys think of The Smokehouse at House of Blues??

If you’ve tried it let me know what you thought in the comments!!

Enjoy Your Magical Adventure!!

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