How to Fly Stress Free

How to Fly Stress-Free

For some people flying is a piece of cake. They pack last-minute, arrive at the airport 30 minutes before departure, board the plane, and fly with ease.

I am not this person. I have high anxiety on days when both feet are on the ground, let alone when flying… so what I’ve done is come up with some tips that have proven to help me conquer my anxieties and fly stress-free.

How to Fly Stress-Free



I absolutely love checking off each item on my Knock-Knock Pack List.

As I pack each item and mark each check I’m one step closer to departing for my trip!!!

I also love the planning of the packing list and the organization of packing…but for those people who do not enjoy this experience as I do…

Always make sure you’re packed and ready to go the day before your departure.

The last thing you want to do is to be running around grabbing items and stress yourself out even more right before a flight.

Online Check-In

Within 20-24 hours before flight departure, I go ahead and check-in online and print my boarding pass. It’s one less thing to worry about once I get to the airport and makes the process to fly stress-free go smoother.

Airport Arrival

Fly Stress-Free

I always arrive 2 hours before the time of my departure.

There are always little things that can come up at the airport to hinder your schedule: bags too heavy, can’t find your gate, security has 5 lines but only 1 is open… this happened to us at the Orlando airport. Took 45 mins to get through the security checkpoint… not fun. 

Anything can happen so I like to arrive early… just to be on the safe side.



Approximately 30 minutes before the flight, hopefully, you have found your gate number and are waiting to board at this point, I take one Dramamine for Motion Sickness Relief.

This is mostly a precautionary measure but has helped in several circumstances.

I also make sure to keep a small First Aid Kit with other medicines I may need in my carry on.


I personally feel that having a pre-flight cocktail helps ease my nerves.

Then again I feel Mexican food should always go with a good Margarita and a day at the lake deserves a cold beer…so to each their own. If you don’t want to partake in an alcoholic beverage…

I always carry an empty water bottle with me through airport security and fill it once I’m at my gate waiting for departure. Staying hydrated is very important…, especially after cocktails!


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Once On-Board:

Fly Stress-Free

Adjust the Air

The very first thing I do once I have boarded the plane and found my seat adjusts the air. I like the cool air blowing on me throughout the flight.

Planes are stuffy so this makes me feel less congested.

Chew Gum

I immediately chew a piece of gum…normally spearmint…and I do the same when landing. Another big tip that has help me fly stress-free is bringing gum…it is a known trick that helps with your ears popping, as well as nausea during the flight.

Set Timer

I’m a chronic clock watcher, constantly checking the time.

I like to use it when flying is setting the timer on my phone for the amount of time in-flight. I enjoy watching the countdown. #travelhack

Headphones & Mp3 Player

I like to put in my earbuds… lay back and drown out everything around me… and I go to my happy place… especially until we’re in the air. I even have an in-flight playlist that keeps me at ease.

Focus on Your Destination

Whether your flight is for business or pleasure focusing on your destination helps forget you’re in flight. Flying to a vacation destination? Plan your day’s schedule of fun and activities. Flying for a business meeting? Pull out your notes and plan out how you’re gonna rock that meeting.

Keeping my mind preoccupied definitely helps me to fly stress-free!!

Pretzels and Ginger Ale

I typically carry a zip-lock bag of pretzels with me no matter what mode of transportation I’m traveling with. They’re a quick snack in a pinch and also help with nausea.

If I’m really feeling nauseous I’ll order a Ginger Ale from the flight attendant to sip on. It helps calm the tummy.

Remember to Breathe

Throughout the entire flight remember to breathe. Our biggest tip to fly stress-free is remembering to breathe!

When I really feel the anxiety starting to get a hold of me I use the counting method, and since I have severe anxiety I use this tip almost every day dealing with all life situations.

As you breathe you count to yourself  1-as you exhale, 2-as you inhale, 3-as you exhale, and so on up to 5. Once you reach 5, start over counting.

This method has saved me from several panic attacks in the past and not just while traveling.

Flying can be stressful, but with these tips on how to fly stress-free, I have really learned to control my anxiety when flying. I hope they do the same for you!!


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