Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach

Step-by-Step Guide: Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach, SC

Being from South Carolina I grew up planning trips to Myrtle Beach every summer!!….and often in the winter too!

We have stayed at almost every large hotel on the Myrtle Beach strip from North Myrtle all the way down to Surfside, and a few campgrounds too! Now I find it a breeze to plan my MB trips and I wanna share with you the 7 easy steps of how I plan my trips… and how you can too…


Step 1: Select Your Dates

Before planning a trip to Myrtle Beach you will first want to decide what time of year you would like to travel.

Peak season in Myrtle Beach is Memorial Day through August. Crowds are heavier and there are more youngin’s running amuck on spring/summer vacation.

I myself like to go in the “off-season” like April or September/October just because it’s a bit cheaper and fewer crowds. It’s warm enough to enjoy the beaches but school is still in session so fewer kids.

Do some research online, look at the different events going on, and decide when you would like to go. for a list of year round events going on in MB!


Step 2: Accommodations

Once you have your dates, or around the date, in mind, you can start looking online for accommodations.

I highly recommend!

They have great options for groups or solo travelers like me, plus they have several options for booking with little down or even no deposit at all and you’ll pay once you arrive….which I really like.

I’ve stayed all along the Myrtle Beach strip and have found it’s all about what price range you’re looking for…and how much time you plan on spending on the beach, or just at your hotel pool relaxing.

Oceanfront Resorts I’ve stayed at and highly recommend:

Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach
There is something so peaceful about walking the beach barefoot first thing in the morning… ©

Step 3: Transportation

Once I’ve settled on a few accommodation options I search for transportation options. I also decide this based on price.

I road trip to Myrtle Beach since I’m only 4-5 hours away the drive isn’t bad at all. If you’re looking to fly, Skyscanner and Momondo usually have really cheap flight deals to accommodate your budget.

Once you’re in Myrtle Beach you can walk the strip to many of the attractions along the boardwalk…and to an assortment of restaurants and bars.

There are also scooter, bicycle, golf cart rentals and more if the need arises…but I personally enjoy walking the strip and strolling in and out of unique shops and bars.

Step 4: Book Everything

After I’ve weighed the pros and cons of accommodation prices vs transportation costs I book everything.

I’ve tried the method of booking on certain days and found the sooner the better. I have put together a week-long Disney Vacation in 4 days notice before so anything is possible….but always better to plan and book everything ahead of time.

If you’re booking flights it’s better to fly out on a Tuesday/ Wednesday and return on a Wednesday / Thursday. Hotels are always cheaper when you stay Sunday through Thursday so keep these things in mind!

Step 5: Dining Budget

Decide your daily food budget. This is where you’ll need to know if you’re gonna budget for cheap eats or splurge.

In Myrtle Beach, I like to splurge on one thing…Seafood!!

 Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach
Steamed Oysters at Flying Fish Market are my fave!!! ©

But in Myrtle beach there are plenty of options for dining experiences…from cheap eats at the Original Shucker’s Oyster Bar, to elaborate dinner shows at Medieval Times & Pirates Adventure.

You are guaranteed to find something amazing, and delicious in MB to fit whatever your dining budget may be.

Step 6: Itinerary

My favorite part of the planning process: Planning day-to-day activities!!

I’ve always enjoyed going to the Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach…and Myrtle Beach also has a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum down on the main strip as well. Both are really fun to check out just don’t forget your camera!!

During the Summer there are concerts at the boardwalk, and nightly fireworks along the piers and at Broadway at the beach.

Step 7: Make To-Do Lists

Now that you’ve booked everything, know your food budget, and have an idea of your day-to-day shenanigans it’s time for the List-Making!!

What to Pack: I bought a pack list book a travel shop while on vacation a few years ago and use it for every trip I take. It’s an absolute lifesaver! I’m a minimalist traveler so I normally take the basics and bare necessities.

Needs Before Trip: After you make your Packing List, make a list of the things you need to purchase before you leave. (Toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, chapstick, etc…)

Outfits: Layers…I always go with layers when traveling. Also, check the weather a few days before leaving to add or remove any necessary items. Don’t forget your swim-suit!!


I hope this Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach was everything you need to help plan your next trip to the beautiful Carolina coast!

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