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Reasons to Love Charleston, SC

I really disliked Charleston growing up. I won’t lie. My family would take vacations there, almost every summer, and my parents would show us historical sites that made my sister and I yawn with boredom.

Facts on the civil war and cannon fire across the Charleston harbor made me immediately put in my headphones and block out the beach trip turned history lesson with N’Sync lyrics…hey…don’t judge…it was my jam!! Now it has become one of my favorite vacation spots and I am completely fascinated with the town!

Here are 5 Reasons to Love Charleston…

Historic Downtown 

Park your car and walk around… or better yet take a classic carriage ride!

Historic downtown Charleston is full of beautiful architecture dating back to the 1700’s.

The famous Rainbow Row, pictured above, is made up of thirteen houses that are known for their vibrant color and Georgian design that really wows.

The old churches seem as if their steeples dot each street corner…the old stained glass, the archways, the columns…this city shows the elegance of southern living at its finest.

Cobblestone side streets and horse-drawn carriages give people the feel as though they’ve traveled back in time to an era where life seemed simpler.

Be sure to walk the waterfront to check out this amazing view!!

Reasons to Love Charleston

The Architecture

I’ve mentioned it already but the architecture of the buildings, churches, Colonial homes (many open for public viewing), and bridges are absolutely amazing.

I get excited every time I see Arthur Ravenel Bridge, pictured here.

Driving over this suspension bridge gives a stunning view of downtown Charleston.

 Reasons to Love Charleston

The Trees 

The trees of Charleston are fascinating to look at. 

I’m not just talking palm trees here folks…these oak trees that are coated in Spanish moss, and the weeping willows that canopy the cobblestone streets, seem as if you’ve stepped into a fairy-tale.

It’s mesmerizing to see. 
Reasons to Love Charleston


Charleston has no end to the unique shopping experiences. 

The Charleston City Market and the Farmers Market are well-known, and I do love them dearly, but I really love the little antique stores along King Street in downtown.

If you’re looking for unique finds Charleston is the perfect place!!

Charleston City Market




As I’ve mentioned in posts before I am all about trying different food everywhere I travel, and the seafood in Charleston is absolutely delicious…but…let’s not forget, you’re in the South, so you have to taste that southern style cooking while you’re in Charleston!! The Low Country Boil is what food dreams are made of!! Shrimp and Grits, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Fried Catfish….yum!!

Some of my favorite Charleston Restaurants include:

  • Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar
  • The Oyster House
  • Brown Dog Deli
Reasons to Love Charleston
Mussels from Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar

If you’re in Ilse of Palms, Windjammers has a stunning view of the ocean, cheap prices for large portions, and live music on select nights!!

We go here almost every time we go to Charleston!!

The Beaches

Reasons to Love Charleston

There are many choices of beautiful beaches to choose from in Charleston…Folly Beach and Edisto are lovely, but the Isle of Palms holds my heart, and it still is my favorite beach to stay at when visiting.

Why do you Love Charleston, South Carolina?! Let us know in the comments below!!

Enjoy Your Journey!! 


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