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My October Trip to New York City was absolutely amazing!!

I could not have picked a better time of year to go to NYC than Autumn. The fall foliage had started and the air was cool and crisp.

The weather during my stay was 65 degrees and sunny the entire time and the train ride there and back was peaceful and full of fall scenery. 


I am on the Train to New York City!

I type to you from my Coach seat aboard the Crescent 20 Amtrak Train from somewhere between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

My October New York Trip has officially begun!

I’m 2 hours from my final destination of the Big Apple and although the train ride has been tranquil and loaded with gorgeous views…

I couldn’t be more ready to breathe in the intoxicating air of New York City…


If you follow my Vivacious Views Instagram account then you know I spent all day yesterday with this view….

New York City Planning Update
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My laptop, a cup of coffee, my pack-list, and a New York City map working on my 3-day Itinerary….How exciting is that?!?! 

My solo trip to NYC is in the final 30 days of countdown….WooHoo!!

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