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Central Park Favorites: Things to See & Do

This week we’re taking a look at my Central Park Favorites!

These are a few of my favorite things to see and do in the 843-acre park within the concrete jungle of New York City.

Central Park is like a gigantic maze…you can easily get lost.

I use the Central Park NYC Lite app to help navigate and combine it with Google Maps so I can head directly to certain locations if need be.


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Central Park Favorites: Things to See & Do

These aren’t in any special order…just random locations I’ve sought out or stumbled upon during my trips that have become my favorite in Central Park!

We’ll start with the well known Central Park Zoo

Central Park Faves. Central Park Zoo. Vivacious Views
Central Park Zoo ©VivaciousViews.com

Polar Bears, Penguins, and Leopards…Oh, My!!

Who would have thought…a zoo in the concrete jungle!

Central Park Faves. Delacorte Clock. Vivacious Views
Delacorte Clock in Central Park ©VivaciousViews.com

It wasn’t quite what I expected when we walked through, but is definitely one of my favorite locations in the park.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Alex the Lion wasn’t there. 

(If you haven’t watched Madagascar…you won’t get it.)

On to the gorgeous bridges of Central Park.

There are so many it’s hard to pick a fave…

but if I had to it would be Bow Bridge

Central Park Faves. Bow Bridge Sunset. Vivacious Views
Bow Bridge in Central Park ©VivaciousViews.com

It’s crazy how many bridges and archways you will come across while exploring Central Park.

Here are a few runners-up…

Central Park Faves. Arch(1). Vivacious Views
Central Park Faves. Arch(2). Vivacious Views
Central Park Faves. Arch(3). Vivacious Views

Would you believe there is a hidden castle inside Central Park??

Central Park Faves. Belvedere Castle. Vivacious Views
Belvedere Castle ©VivaciousViews.com

There is!

Belvedere, meaning “beautiful view” in Latin, Castle sits atop Vista Rock and is the highest point to take in views of the park and city surrounding it.

Central Park Faves. Belvedere Castle Pano. Vivacious Views
Panoramic from the Highest Point in Central Park ©VivaciousViews.com

On my April Trip to NYC, it was closed and I later found out the city closed it for refurbishment on February 26, and it will reopen to the public in 2019. Definitely add it to your future plans!!

Moving on to the Statues of Central Park.

…and I’m not talking those people painted in silver and gold standing still for hours while you pose with them…

although I’m sure you’ll find those in Central Park as well.

These statues are the real deal and honor authors like William Shakespeare and Hans Christian Anderson

and storybook characters like Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, and Mother Goose

One of my favorites is the Angel of the Water statue found at Bethledusa Fountain

Central Park Faves. Angel of the Water. Vivacious Views
Angel of the Water at Bethesda Fountain ©VivaciousViews.com

Be sure to check out the Terrace located here as well…

Central Park Faves. Terrace. Vivacious Views

You’ll find musicians, balloon artists and more…

Central Park Faves the Terrace. Vivacious Views

Right above the Terrace at Bethledusa Fountain, you will find the famous “Mall“…

Central Park Faves. The Mall. Vivacious Views

seen in moves like Friends with Benefits, When Harry Met Sally, and yes Enchanted.

I did do a little twirl while singing…

?How does she know that you love her? How do you show her you love her? How does she know that you really, really, truly love her??… 

until my friend threatened to leave me where I stood. 😆

I’m a Disney dork what can I say…

Moving on…

Another favorite of mine in Central Park is Sheep Meadow

Central Park Faves. Sheeps Meadow. Vivacious Views

it’s the perfect picnic location and even though I haven’t had one yet, a picnic in Central Park is on my NYC bucket list for my next trip!!

Speaking of food…

a place I would love to have lunch at is the legendary BoatHouse Restaurant

Central Park Faves. Boathouse Restaurant. Vivacious Views
Boathouse Restaurant ©VivaciousViews.com

Who remembers that famous scene from Sex and the City where Carrie and Big meet at the Boathouse Restaurant and end up falling into the pond?!?!

This is it…

Central Park Faves. Boathouse Restaurant Patio. Vivacious Views
Central Park Faves. Imagine Mosaic. Vivacious Views

It seems it’s always closed when I go to NYC! It’s on the bucket list too though!

How many of you have heard of a little group called the Beatles?!

You can find the John Lennon Memorial called Strawberry Fields near Sheep Meadow…

Central Park Faves. Imagine Mosaic. Vivacious Views

It was here, on December 8, 1980, that John Lennon was murdered. The 2.5 acres of Strawberry Fields pays tribute to the musician and peace activist. 

Central Park Faves. Imagine. Vivacious Views
Imagine Mosaic ©VivaciousViews.com

The Imagine Mosaic is a must see and is typically covered with flowers and candles honoring his life and memory.

Lastly, what would a trip to Central Park be without seeing one of the most famous must-dos in Central Park…

Central Park Faves. Carriage Ride(1). Vivacious Views

the Carriage Rides

Central Park Faves. Carriage Ride(2). Vivacious Views

perfect for a spring or autumn day in the city, or a romantic date night, or just to let your feet rest!

You will do a lot of walking while in New York City, and most definitely while in Central Park.

Honorable Mentions:

During the Christmas season, a Holiday Market is set up near the entrance of Central Park at the corner of Columbus Circle…

Central Park Faves. Holiday Market. Vivacious Views

and is definitely a must see!

Artists and Craftsmen come from all over the world to sell their goods at this show…

Central Park Faves. Market. Vivacious Views

Another honorable mention is the Dairy

Central Park Faves. The Dairy. Vivacious Views
The Dairy ©VivaciousViews.com

Once a supply store supplying milk to the Upper East and West Sides of Manhattan, now is a gift shop and information center.

You can find all sorts of Central Park souvenirs…

Central Park Faves. Dairy. Vivacious Views
Central Park Souvenirs ©VivaciousViews.com

and you can even take home the very flowers that you find in the gardens of Central Park!!

You can also find really cute items for your pup…

Central Park Faves. Dairy Pup Souvenirs. Vivacious Views

and the best thing is…

when you buy something the proceeds go to the Central Park Conservancy, which helps raise 75% of Central Park’s annual budget and is responsible for keeping the park clean and beautiful.

Click Here for more info on how you can help the Central Park Conservancy Organization.

These are just a few of my favorite locations and things to see while visiting Central Park.

The park is huge and there is still so much I haven’t explored yet!

I am planning for a May 2019 trip back to NYC to see the city in bloom!

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Enjoy Your Journey to the Big Apple!!

What’s your favorite spot in Central Park??

Let us know in the comments below!!

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