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Being a South Carolinian I’m Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach every summer!!….and often in the winter too!

So let me tell you in 7 easy steps how to plan your next trip to Myrtle Beach…

and while we’re at it I’ll give you 5 Things You Must Do while vacationing on the Carolina’s most visited coast…


I really disliked Charleston growing up. I won’t lie.

My family would take vacations there, almost every summer, and my parents would show us historical sites that made my sister and I yawn with boredom.

Facts on the civil war and cannon fire across the Charleston harbor made me immediately put in my headphones and block out the beach trip turned history lesson with N’Sync lyrics…hey…don’t judge…I was young and it was my jam!! 

Now it has become one of my favorite vacation spots and I am completely fascinated with the town!!!

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