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The first time I rode the train I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Even the hours online searching for in-depth articles fell short of what I needed to know.

I came up with the Train Travel Checklist to accompany my Amtrak Train Travel for First Timers article. 

I thoroughly enjoy riding the train and with this train travel checklist you’ll be fully prepared for an enjoyable, and stress free ride.


I first rode with Amtrak in December of 2015 for my Christmas in New York City solo trip, and these tips on Amtrak Train Travel definitely came in handy for a 1st timer like me.

Although I love to fly, I really like the convenience of stepping on the train, heading straight to my seat, and skipping the security debacle that airports ensue. 


I’ve been traveling 6+ years now and it has given me plenty of experience on how I can minimize my ‘Before You Travel must do’s’…including the things I do to stay organized before a trip.

With my October NYC Trip and December Disney Vacation coming up the list making is under way at my work station and I thought to myself…what better time than now to put together a top 10 List of all the

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