Must Pack for Disney World in 2021

Must Pack for Disney World in 2021

We recently returned from our first 2021 visit to Disney World and we noticed our pack list was a little different this trip…

Must Pack for Disney World in 2021

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Hand Sanitizer

I’m putting this at the top because honestly… it should have been on everyone’s list before Disney World in 2021, and the craziness of 2020. Disney World is one of the most sanitary parks I’ve ever been too… but it’s also full of children with tiny hands and tiny germs. Super important…purchase hand sanitizer before any Disney trip!

Disney World in 2021

Sanitizing Wipes

Yup…I went one further and added the wipes too. You can never be too cautious in these crazy times and wiping down surfaces before you touch it is not a bad idea! Disney World in 2021
First Aid Kit

A first aid kit at Disney is a must… you never know if your heels will rub and need a Band-Aid, or the heat causes a headache. Recently I read about people using Band-Aids under their face masks so their sunglasses wouldn’t fog. I haven’t tried this but will be taking some extra just in case!

Water Bottle

A lot of people are still unaware that you can get free ice water at any quick service stand in Disney World. We bring a water bottle and fill it with free water. Wearing a mask in the Florida heat is going to make you thirsty. Stay hydrated!
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Metal Straw

Disney has made a switch to paper straws, which I absolutely love, for the environment… however they aren’t always ideal for a frozen/slushy drink. They disintegrate pretty quickly, as they should, but it makes for a mess on a hot day. I’ve been bringing a metal straw with me on trips to drink from. Just easier for us.

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This leads into the next item on the list. Wearing a face mask all day isn’t what you want in the Florida heat…but bad breath is worse! Bring some mints with you to help with that morning coffee breath, or after that giant turkey leg!!

Bring Several Face Masks

Ugh… the dreaded face mask. This is what Disney World in 2021 is…face masks and rule changes. The Disney parks official rule is the mask should be made with breathable 2-layer material, fully cover the nose and mouth, and secure tightly around face. They are not allowing gaiters, bandanas, or mesh material. On that note, just in case, we brought a few extra face masks each. In the event we lose one, or if one isn’t comfortable in 80-degree weather, I want to be prepared.

Disney World in 2021

Ziplock Bags

This is another one that is on my Disney Park bag list for left-over food and snacks…on this list I recommend the small sandwich bags…specifically for your mask! You don’t want to lay your mask on restaurant tables or counter tops… putting your mask in a Ziplock will ensure sanitary measures as well as keep you from losing your mask!

Mini Fan / Misting Fan

These are the fans we use. They hang easily around your neck and blow upwards to your neck and face. I used one the entire day we were at Epcot due to the heat and lack of shade in this park. It was a life saver!

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Park Bag

I bring a drawstring park bag with me into the park with all the essentials I mentioned above and a few extras. For Disney World in 2021 we brought an extra bag for sanitizer wipes and extra fans since those masks are super-hot.  How to Create the Perfect Disney Park Bag!

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Have you been on a trip to Disney World in 2021??

What is on your must-pack list?

Let us know in the comments below!