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The first time I rode the train I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Even the hours online searching for in-depth articles fell short of what I needed to know.

I came up with the Train Travel Checklist to accompany my Amtrak Train Travel for First Timers article. 

I thoroughly enjoy riding the train and with this train travel checklist you’ll be fully prepared for an enjoyable, and stress free ride.


I first rode with Amtrak in December of 2015 for my Christmas in New York City solo trip, and these tips on Amtrak Train Travel definitely came in handy for a 1st timer like me.

Although I love to fly, I really like the convenience of stepping on the train, heading straight to my seat, and skipping the security debacle that airports ensue. 

How to Fly Stress Free


What I’ve done is come up with some tips that have proven to help me conquer my anxieties and fly stress free.

For some people flying is a piece of cake. They pack last-minute, arrive at the airport 30 minutes before departure, board the plane and fly with ease. I am not this person.

I have high anxiety on days when both feet are on the ground, let alone when flying.

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