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30 Days to New York City: Planning Update

If you follow my Vivacious Views Instagram account then you know I spent all day yesterday with this view…

New York City Planning Update
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My laptop, a cup of coffee, my pack-list, and a New York City map.

I’m working on my 3-day NYC Itinerary…

How exciting is that?!?!

I’m stoked!

My solo trip to NYC is in the final 30 days of countdown…


I’m currently working on numbers 5-7 of the Step by Step Guide to Planning a Trip to NYC that I released several weeks ago…

the New York City Planning is underway!!

Where I’m at in the New York City Planning Process…

• I booked my accommodations through, like always, at The Jane Hotel.

• For my transportation, I’m traveling by train on the Amtrak Crescent.

• My dining budget for this trip is going to be mostly cheap eats.

In a city like New York, cheap eats are friggin’ delicious! 

With $1 slices of pizza and $2 Hot-dogs, don’t forget the $5 Burgers at Shake Shack, I definitely won’t starve.
I also have a few coffee shops I’m looking forward to trying out including Alice’s Tea Cup and Fat Witch Bakery.

• I’ve worked out my day-to-day itinerary for NYC as far as which neighborhoods and areas I want to explore on certain days.

New York isn’t the place to have an itinerary set in stone so make sure you’re always flexible…go with the flow…be spontaneous…it’s New York!!

• My packing list is currently looking something like this…

New York City Planning Update

I’ve started checking off the items I’ve gathered, like toiletries and travel gear.

•  On my December 2015 trip to NYC, I had carry-on luggage, a small shoulder bag, and my cross-body bag.

This trip I’ve downsized to a backpack and cross-body bag… very minimal.

• I’ve put together a list of the snacks and items I will need to purchase before the trip and luckily it’s small: pretzels, m&ms, chapstick, gum, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, and a new travel size deodorant. That sort of thing.

What’s Next?

• Outfit ideas for the trip. I won’t start putting these together until I can check the weather.

• I’ve also started checking items off the Things to Do Before You Travel list.

My mom has offered to watch my dog Nemo, and I’ve already notified the bank of my travel dates.

I’m so excited I can’t wait to be on the Train to New York City!!!

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New York City Planning

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