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October Trip to New York City

My October Trip to New York City was absolutely amazing!!

I could not have picked a better time of year to go to NYC than Autumn.

The fall foliage had started and the air was cool and crisp.

The weather during my stay was 65 degrees and sunny the entire time and the train ride there and back was peaceful and full of beautiful scenery.

Even though I did spend an entire day sick with food poisoning during my stay…

I can honestly say that I made the most out of my time in the big city!!

October Trip to New York City Highlights:

Washington Square Park

October Trip to New York City
Washington Square Park ©VivaciousViews.com

Located in Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park was crowded with street performers, artists, and tourists taking pictures of the stunning Washington Square Arch.

I sat on a park bench taking pictures while I admired the architecture of this park and the people in it.

I’ve seen movies, TV shows and dozens of pictures of the arch before, but it was truly a beautiful site to see in person.

Walking Greenwich Village

The first time I walked this neighborhood was on my 2015 December trip to New York.

I fell in love with the tranquility of this part of Manhattan.

Each neighborhood is its own little world in the city and Greenwich Village is by far one of my favorites.

There is a youthful and vibrate charm to it.

I enjoyed walking in and out of the unique thrift store and shops that speckled this part of the city.

My hotel being located in this neighborhood was just icing on the cake!!


The Jane Hotel

For my first Hostel experience, this one was the Crème de la crème.

I had a private room, quite tiny but perfect for one person, with the bathroom facilities located at the end of each floor.

My room included a TV, fan, heat&air, plenty of storage for my luggage, an electronic in-room safe that was free, and a small window with an amazing view of the Hudson River and New Jersey.

Statue of Liberty

October Trip to New York City. Statue of Liberty. Vivacious Views

I was able to admire the Statue of Liberty from my hotel bathroom and from several other different spots in the city…

including The Hudson river walkway and the Brooklyn Bridge.

She’s a beauty and definitely, a must-see while on a trip to the city!


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The awesome thing about walking the streets of New York as opposed to taking a taxi or subway is being able to take a turn and end up in a part of the city you might not have seen before.

It was not my intention to cut through Chinatown to see the Brooklyn Bridge but that’s just what happened!!

And it was quite a view seeing the banners in Chinese lining the streets… 

October Trip to New York City


and of course that NY smell of garbage.

Yeah, it definitely stinks, but it was trash day…

this area is something very unique to see. 

Brooklyn Bridge

On my last day in the city, I was able to make it down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

As I began to walk the bridge I actually got a little teary-eyed.

In my opinion of ways to see the New York Skyline, this one was my absolute favorite!!

The Food

Leave it to a southern girl like me to go to New York City and stumble across a bar that served the same food from back home.

The Half Pint located in Greenwich Village had delicious BBQ Sliders and their signature Half Pint Beer was a nice touch as I sat outside and enjoyed the feel of the city.
I also had some amazing sushi from SoHo Sushi and a cheese dog from Nathans Famous Hot-dogs that was so messy I had to eat it with a fork!!

Gotta love NYC street food!!


Empire State Building

I felt like every time I turned around there was a stunning view of the Empire State Building.

Walking through the city…or the park bench I stopped to rest at on the Brooklyn Bridge…and the taxi cab that stopped in traffic gave me a remarkable picture (seen below) of the iconic building.

So if your worried you won’t get to see the Empire State Building, don’t, she’ll find you.


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Yellow Cab/Uber

I took taxis and Uber way more than I expected on this trip.

It did help out a lot when I was in a hurry and I really enjoy the NY taxi experience…

makes me feel like a New Yorker for a minute…

At one point I even got in the cab and said, “113 Jane Street and Step On It!!!” when I was running late to check out of my hotel!!

Loved it!

Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center

October Trip to New York City
Top of the Rock ©VivaciousViews.com

Let me just say WOW!

The views from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center are spectacular.

When exiting the elevator onto the rooftop observation deck I immediately was greeted with the view of Central Park.

Even though the Fall foliage hadn’t quite peaked in the park yet…the views were absolutely stunning.

On the other side of the observation deck are views of Midtown and Downtown.

It was absolutely amazing!!


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I hope these highlights will give you great ideas of things you would like to see and do while on an October Trip to New York City!! 

Autumn is such a great time to visit the city!!!

…and I was lucky enough to have perfect weather throughout my entire trip.

Fingers crossed I can go again during the fall…preferably for Thanksgiving to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…

and possibly check a few more must-dos off my Autumn in New York City Bucket List!

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October Trip to New York City


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